SGLWT - Virtueller TechTalk

1. Dezember 2022

8. SGLWT - Virtueller TechTalk

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Der 8. SGLWT - Virtueller TechTalk findet am 1. Dezember 2022 von 17:30-18:15 Uhr statt.


Microalgae as potential food of the future

Dr. Fabian Abiusi from the Laboratory of Sustainable Food Processing at ETH Zurich is a renowned researcher in microalgae. With 12+ years of experience in microalgal research and the start-up world, he is just the right person to give an introduction to microalgae as potential food of the future. He will explain why microalgae are a valuable nutritional resource and how they can be cultivated and further processed. He will give examples of industrial applications and will highlight opportunities and challenges.

This TechTalk will be held via Microsoft Teams in English Language.

Online-Anmeldung zum 8. SGLWT - Virtueller TechTalk vom 1. Dezember 2022

Anmeldung SGLWT - 8. TechTalk 2022

Anmeldung 8. TechTalk 2022



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